No Follow Links in 2019 and why they're important

Many marketing and SEO experts are debating the subject of no-follow links. In 2019 the question is often asked whether no-follow Links are still important. The answer is yes because no-follow Links are especially important for local SEO.

If you want to do local SEO in Search Recon Florida or Vero Beach, no follow Links are especially worthwhile for you. You can find out why this is the case in this article.

What are No Follow Links?

If you are not yet familiar with the topic, then this will be a small introduction for you on the topic of no-follow links. No, follow links are used to tell search engines not to follow a link to a web page. If a link is marked with no follow, Google will not follow that link when crawling the web page. Normally, Google would always follow all links so that the search engine could see which websites you linked to.

In this way, a no-follow link can offer many advantages for a website that can give you a head start over your competitors in terms of local SEO. You can find out exactly which advantages no-follow links have in the next paragraph.

What are the benefits of No Follow Links?

No Follow Links have some great advantages. The main advantages of No Follow Links are:

  • If you want to link to a website, which should not have any influence on your ranking
  • If you buy links
  • If you leave links in comments or forums

The first point is one of the most important points showing the importance of no-follow links for local SEO. If you want to link to a website that you don't want to be associated with, you should use a no-follow link. Google will not follow this link when crawling, so you don't have to worry that your ranking will be negatively affected by the link. Websites with a bad reputation could decrease your ranking on Google by linking to them. You should avoid not using no-follow links for this kind of link.

The same applies to purchased links, as these often lead to less respected sites. You don't want Google to downgrade your ranking due to less valuable links. You should do the same for comments or forums. Comments or forums are often misused for spam links. Therefore, you should separate your link from these kinds of a link by using a no-follow link.


You can see that a no-follow link has some application areas that allow you to actively improve your ranking or prevent your ranking from deteriorating. If you want to do local SEO, in Florida or Vero Beach in particular, then you should definitely not disregard no-follow links.